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European Historical Bibliographies

Bibliographie der Schweizergeschichte

Bibliographie der Schweizergeschichte


The Bibliographie der Schweizergeschichte (BSG) has been published since 1913. Established by the Allgemeine Geschichtsforschende Gesellschaft der Schweiz (forerunner of the Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Geschichte), the bibliography has been produced by the Swiss National Library since 1958.

The bibliography is published annually and the bibliographic data are drawn from national and foreign monographs and periodical articles, including scientific publications as well as grey literature. It provides bibliographic data on Swiss history from the prehistoric time to the present.

Within the bibliography the records are listed in chronological order and according to subject matter. The topics covered are auxiliary sciences of history, cantonal, regional and local history, ecclesiastical, legal, social history and history of culture and economy and others.

There is a print version. The online version covers reports from 1999 onwards.

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