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European Historical Bibliographies

Österreichische Historische Bibliographie

Österreichische Historische Bibliographie


The Österreichische Historische Bibliographie provides bibliographical data on historical writing dealing primarily with the history of the provinces of Austria and on local history during all periods for which written documentation is available. It also includes books and articles of a more general character, as well as articles or essays prepared by the non professional historian who searches and records useful information.
during all periods for which written documentation is available. The bibliography includes also material on the history of other countries of the world, if the material was published in Austria.
Starting with the annual report 1945 the bibliography lists books, articles from important Austrian historical periodicals and journals, festschriften, exhibition catalogues or proceedings of conferences or congresses. Master thesis, doctoral dissertations, habilitations are also recorded in the database. There are also entries published outside of Austria for the period from 1995-1999.
The database is weekly updated and contains at the moment more than 198.130 entries.


Österreichische Historische Bibliographie
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